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About Us 

Hospital Working Day
Delivering Value in Healthcare

Our deep understanding of healthcare as former C-Suite and Physician executives means that we know the challenges faced in today’s hospitals, clinics and physician practices.  At the same time, we bring those experiences into every engagement by listening carefully to you, our clients, and understanding the dynamics of your market to produce creative results that empower you to thrive.


Oasis Health International (OHI) offers a comprehensive set of capabilities in the provision of healthcare planning, development and management services world-wide. Healthcare projects from the smallest to the most complex, in both the governmental and private sector are the focus of OHI.

Driving Healthcare Innovation

Our passion is bringing these innovative approaches to improving the access to and quality of healthcare services in emerging and re-emerging markets.   Blending healthcare operations, finance, marketing and evidence based clinical services, we provide turnkey solutions to improve performance in existing healthcare organizations and in the development of new hospitals and clinics.


Transforming Problems Into Opportunities

To do this, we bring not only our healthcare knowledge but also the impactful relationships we have developed over many years in investment funds, med tech and pharma manufacturers, design and architectural firms and information technology. 


We achieve results for our clients through our trusted advisor approach to each engagement. Our team plans, designs, and delivers transformative solutions from business strategy to customer experience to go-to-market readiness. We continue to build, develop, and retain exceptional people to drive successful delivery.

Leading Into The Future 

The areas of expertise and experiences we bring to each partner client coincide with many of the critical issues facing the global healthcare arena.  Certainly, the impact that the pandemic has had and will continue to have on the burden of hospitals, physicians and long-term care facilities is significant.  This and other factors have exacerbated a dwindling supply of experienced and qualified nurses, allied health professionals and physicians throughout the globe.  Oasis brings not only resources to address specific operational and financial issues and provide measurable solutions, but we have access to many training and educational resources in America and elsewhere that can be utilized to address and support these shortages.


With these thoughts in mind, the several critical issues facing healthcare systems globally for which Oasis is positioned to address include:


Behavioral (Mental) Health - Mental disorders are a leading cause of disability worldwide, with no evidence of a decrease in this burden since 1990. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, war, and violence on mental health remains a priority, specifically understanding how these have impacted the prevalence and burden of mental disorders to date and onward and how countries should be adapting their mental health response accordingly. 

Cardiovascular Disease - Cardiovascular diseases such as ischemic heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death globally, accounting for 28% of total deaths in 2022.  Additionally, cardiovascular diseases substantially contribute to health loss and the economic burden on health care systems. Most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by addressing modifiable cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, dietary risks, smoking, and air pollution.  Oasis has significant experience in establishing and improving performance of existing cardiovascular service lines, including diagnostics, interventional (cath labs) and open heart surgery.


Population Aging - Adapting health systems to support older populations’ needs should be front of mind. Globally, the proportion of the population that is above 65 is expected to increase in the coming years. While a lot of attention (and rightfully so) has historically focused on diseases that affect children, it will be prudent to begin thinking through and systematically planning for some of these upcoming changes in demography as well, especially in low- and middle-income countries.  Conducting market and financial feasibility analyses for assisted living, long-term care and a quickly evolving service known as “Hospital at Home” services in which patients meeting certain clinical and familial criteria are now able to receive significant treatments at home rather than being hospitalized.  This reduces the strain on limited inpatient resources as well providing a high level of care at a lower cost.


Digital Innovation and AI - The pandemic fired rapid digitalization across healthcare, as with other sectors. And in 2021, digital investments in the healthcare sector nearly doubled to $57 billion, with an emphasis on telehealth and mental health. Tech companies are increasingly focusing on healthcare, while digital health start-ups are also growing rapidly.

There is also growing attention being paid to data - better aggregation and analysis is enabling more informed insights and potentially also prediction and disease modeling.

Meanwhile, AI is being used to support areas including diagnosis, clinical decisions, monitoring and treatment, and workflow. AI-assisted medical imaging is already in use, and many drug companies are exploring AI-assisted drug development.  Oasis continues to utilize many of these advancements to enhance the diagnostic tools, including personal wearable devices and AI driven platforms to monitor and actually intervene in certain episodic disease events.

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